Community Advisory Board

In 2015, SISTAAH Talk established a national-level Community Advisory Board with representatives from Miami, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles and Philadelphia to provide input into its research design and study implementation.  

Community coalitions and breast cancer support groups represented include:

Miami, Florida


The Florida Coalition was an original National Black Leadership Initiative on Cancer community coalitions formed in 1992. It assumed the name FRESH - Florida Resources for Empowering and Sustaining Health, in 2012. FRESH, Inc., is a grassroots public health organization that includes a volunteer executive board, community health worker volunteers and other stakeholders. Its mission is to provide resources and educational outreach to promote and sustain health, wellness and lifestyle change through proactive initiatives within South Florida communities.  

Mary Whitehead, President 

PO Box 692998

Miami, FL 33269

Chicago, Illinois


National Black Leadership Initiative on Cancer (NBLIC), Chicago Coalition was initiated in 1989 as an original NBLIC coalition. The Chicago Coalition is a collaboration of physicians, public health practitioners, students, and community organizations that believe that education is the paramount approach to reduce and control the disparate morbidity and mortality of cancer adversely impacting African American communities. Its activities focus on educational interventions (e.g., Stay Beautiful/Stay Alive, Breast and Cervical Cancer and Down Home Healthy Living, Colorectal Cancer Awareness, and Education with Screening Guidelines). 

Thomas Britt, MD, MPH


Sisters Working it Out (SWIO) was founded in 2001. SWIO is a community-based, non-profit organization with a goal of providing breast cancer education, outreach, and advocacy for at-risk women in medically underserved communities in Chicago. SWIO accomplishes its mission by training women to serve as community health educators and advocates, and to work within their communities to address health disparities in the African American community. Each community health educator receives three months of intensive training focused on clinical breast examination, self-breast examination, mammography, breast cancer risk assessment, diagnostic procedures, breast cancer treatment options, cancer survivorship and clinical trials.



(312) 574-3053


Tatisa C. Joiner Foundation (TCJF) was founded in 2008 with the mission to empower, inspire, and   encourage survivors to celebrate life by reducing treatment barriers,   including psychosocial needs. TCJF assists newly diagnosed women in making   informed healthcare decisions by serving as an advocate, identifying gaps in   service and providing viable solutions/options during treatment. Key   activities include: 1) monthly Pink Pillow Talk Forums, in which cancer   survivors gather for massage therapy and fellowship, counseling, and healthy   lifestyle information (e.g., juicing methods, acupuncture, meeting dietary   needs, and information on vitamin supplements); 2) the annual TCJF Stroll,   with more than 200 supporters walking three miles.

(312) 326-2300

Houston, Texas


The National   Black Leadership Initiative on Cancer (NBLIC), Houston Coalition was   established in 1989 as an NBLIC community coalition under the leadership of   Dr. Lovell Jones. It is composed of long-term volunteers. Monica Lamb, a   female professional basketball player of the Houston Comets, served as a   coalition member and was featured on the NBLIC Down Home Healthy Living videos. The mission of the Houston Coalition is to reduce cancer health   disparities through collaborative efforts at the community and organizational   levels and to address cancer awareness, cancer risk reduction, and cancer   research among AAs in the Greater Houston Area. The Houston Coalition has   engaged in research (Educational Program to Increase Colorectal Cancer   Screening and Selenium and Vitamin E Cancer Prevention Trial (SELECT);   delivered evidence-based community education (Stay Beautiful/Stay Alive, Down   Home Healthy Living, For Men Only); and co-sponsored the annual Health   Disparities Conference.      

Cassandra Harris

Chair, NBLIC Houston

(832) 655-2798


Reconstruction of a Survivor was started in August 2007. The mission, to improve the lives of those   affected by breast cancer, is carried out through support group sessions that   address the physical, emotional and spiritual well being of survivors. Key activities include: 1) conduct monthly curriculum-based support group   sessions for BCSs and their caregivers, and 2) fund to survivors in active   breast treatment with financial challenges.      

Dr. Jennie M. Bennett

Director and Founder 

2617C W. Holcombe Blvd. #224

Houston, Texas 77025

(713) 741-4422

(713) 741-4142, fax


Angels Surviving Cancer, Inc., founded in 2010, is a breast cancer support group that provides   support and assistance to breast cancer survivors and their families. Its  mission is to enlighten and educate the public on the importance of breast   care. They collaborate with community resources (mankind, money, methods), provide services to survivors and families and serve as an advocate for both.   A key activity is a “Fundraiser Prayer Breakfast” honoring women with breast   cancer who have school-age children.      

Janice Workcuff, 

Executive Director 

Los Angeles, California


Black Women for Wellness (BWW) became the National   Black Leadership Initiative on Cancer community for Los Angeles in 2010. Its   goals are to serve community needs, increase community education and   outreach, and work to eliminate cancer disparities among AAs. BWW is   currently implementing Educational Program to Increase Colorectal Cancer Screening.   The coalition hosts various annual events, including a Mother’s Day Tea,   which celebrates the mommas in the community, and shares information on   breast health and fabulous healthy food choices. BWW initiated the "Kitchen Diva" program in an effort to create family ties among our  members, friends and colleagues.

P.O. Box 292516
Los Angeles, CA 90029
(323) 290-5955

Office Location: 

4340 11th Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90008


Celebrate Life Cancer Ministry was founded in   December 2002. The ministry promotes and assists survivors in   sustaining quality of life after cancer diagnosis through spiritual   encouragement, education and financial resources. Services provided include: community outreach, patient navigation, monthly support group meetings, home   and hospital visitation, treatment, telephone buddies, and hospice support.

Rhonda Holbert Santifer
Founder / CEO,Celebrate Life Cancer

(424) 258-5433
2851 W. 120th Street, Box E185

Hawthorne, CA 90250


Sisters Breast Cancer Survivors   Network was founded in 1994 by a group of nine AA BCSs in Los Angeles, CA. Its   mission is to provide a supportive environment for BCSs to gather and access  available resources that enable them to make informed decisions concerning their treatment options. The goal is to educate and enhance breast cancer  awareness in the community. Key activities include a monthly support group   meeting for BCSs and hosting a no-cost annual breast health breakfast/seminar   for women in the community.     

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


National Black Leadership Initiative   on Cancer, Philadelphia Chapter was the first NBLIC coalition of the   Mid-Atlantic. In 1999, this Chapter was the first not-for-profit NBLIC   coalition in the nation and implemented the Down Home Healthy Living best practice. The coalition works with academic institutions (Morehouse School of   Medicine, Temple University, University of South Carolina, and AU) to develop   evidence-based interventions for AA and other communities of color.     Say something interesting about your business here.

1415 N. Broad Street Suite #221B
Philadelphia, PA 19122


Women of Faith and Hope, Inc. (WFH), was founded in 1995 and incorporated in 1997. The mission of WFH is   to encourage, enlighten, and empower women about issues related to breast cancer through early detection in order to reduce the mortality rate and to   offer spiritual/emotional support to survivors and their significant others.   WFH provides five support groups per month in five separate locations and   offers community outreach programs focused on talking with your doctor,   nutrition, exercise and education (“Breast Cancer 101”), and related topics.  

Novella Lyons, 



Linda Creed Breast   Cancer.Org was founded in 1987. The mission is to fight breast cancer through community-based education, referral, support, advocacy, and direct service to those in need. On an annual basis, Linda Creed serves approximately 4,000 people with free screenings and diagnostic testing; outreach education for   the general public and special populations (Safe Circle and Rainbow Circle);   a toll- free education line; and a patient assistance fund.      

Donna Duncan, 

Executive Director 

614 S. 8th St- #277

Philadelphia, PA 19147

(215) 564-3700