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Breast Cancer Support Group


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Membership is free and open in the following categories:


A woman diagnosed with breast cancer.


A supporter ("co-survivor") is anyone providing social support to a breast cancer survivor who is a member of SISTAAH Talk!


A volunteer is anyone (other than a survivor or supporter) providing non-monetary support to our support group.

Honorary Member

An honorary member is anyone (other than a survivor or supporter) providing monetary support to SISTAAH Talk!.


Founder's Award

Deloris Smith Johnson

This award from the SISTAAH Talk founder honors excellence in breast cancer early detection and prevention.

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Page 1: Historian Deloris Smith Johnson shares pics from Let's Get Physical 

Page 2: Facilitator Mary Whitehead shares helpful tips for staying hydrated this summer

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2018-2019 funded program

Lil’ SISTAAH Talk Funded


SISTAAH Talk Coaches will provide Breast health education to college-age wome, who are not eligible for mammograms (18-39 years of age) on college campus and community settings in Broward and Miami-Dade counties.  Interested in scheduling a session? Send us an email @  

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Our Fruit of the Loom ladies’ SoftSpun jersey crewneck T-shirt is
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